Thank You for Trusting MT&T to Process Your Return.

Whether you live down the street from us, or 3 states away, MT&T can prepare your income tax return.

If you would like to come into our office or set an appointment, contact us.
If you’re unable to make it into the office, click here to request income tax preparation.

We can prepare your income tax return without you ever needing to step foot into the office. When requesting income tax preparation, you will provide the initial information we need to get started. Once we have begun your tax return, one of our trained tax professionals will contact you for any additional information or documents needed; sent to us via email, snail mail or fax.
When your income tax return is complete, we can transmit your return to the IRS and state for you, or you can print your return for mailing using the link at the bottom of this page. Any signatures needed for us to transmit your income tax return can be received through fax or electronically with your computer, tablet, cell phone, or any other mobile device.