Services Offered

      • IRS Audit Resolution.
      • Income Tax Preparation.
        • The tax program used is produced by one of the foremost leaders in the tax industry.
        • Federal and State returns prepared from 1996 years through present.
        • All states returns prepared.
        • Forms can be signed using most electronic devices including cell phones and computers.
        • Electronic filing is not required.
      • E-Signature used for signing and receiving your Income Tax Return.
      • Electronic Filing.
        • Federal Return Filing – With or Without State
        • State Return Filing – File one or multiple state returns
        • Refunds can be received via mail, direct deposit, electronic refund check (check received at our office), PrePaid Visa card or debit cards. This includes employer issued cards.
        • Refunds can also be Direct Deposited into more than one account.
        • Balance due returns can be electronically filed with the option of mailing payment or having it automatically withdrawn from the bank account of your choice.

All information provided is confidential. All information stored securely using electronic means.